Some Facts About Rabbits That You May Not Be Educated

Bunnies can be ‘binky when they are happy’

A rabbit binkying will be obvious by the happy hop in and twist of his Facts About Rabbits body. The kicking of his feet is unmistakably pure joy.

They require lots of space in order to be healthy.

According to research, young rabbits with limited space are more likely break bones than those that have plenty of room to run around. They don’t get enough space to grow their bodies properly. Find out how much space rabbits require.

The rabbits are really traumatized by being hypnotized.

The act of placing a rabbit onto their back and stroking them back legs is sometimes called “trancing”. It was believed to be a great way to make your pet happy and relaxed. The truth is that the opposite is true. If a rabbit is in this position, they will enter ‘tonic impermanence’. They’re trying to convince their predator (in this instance, the person hypnotizing them) that they’re dead and they’ll be released. Researchers have shown that rabbits who are hypnotized, or tranced by someone, have similar physiological reactions to those who have suffered a trauma.

They are extremely clean

If you watch rabbits reach for their ears and place them across their faces, it is truly one of the most adorable animal behavior. Blue Cross cannot support this assertion with any scientific fact. However, we dare you to see a rabbit doing it …!).

Your rabbit may have pooped around its bottom, which could be a sign that they are having a medical problem. It is best to bring them to the vet to get a complete check-up.

Carrots are not the best food for them

Bugs Bunny is responsible for many things. Root vegetables shouldn’t be part of a rabbits’ diet. Carrots contain high levels of sugar so they should only ever be eaten in small quantities.

Rabbits can be crepuscular Facts About Rabbits

This means that they are active most at dusk, dawn, and during certain hours of the night. In other instances, they enjoy a good night’s sleep.

They are very social

Rabbits are happy to be around people and can recognize their owners through sight and sound. Because they are prey animals, their feet prefer to be on the ground. They make excellent pets and can be trained.

Rabbits consume their own poo

It’s all natural. They produce caecotrophs (due to their intelligent digestive systems) which are droppings. These caecotrophs ensure that they get the best nutrition.

Their ears are not meant to fall down

You’ve probably seen wild rabbits with floppy ears. Some rabbit breeds are flat-faced due to their cuteness and the obsession with breeding. It can lead to health problems, even though you may like it.

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