5 Ways To Spoil Your Cat

The ways you can spoil your cat are nearly boundless these days! You can easily keep them entertained every month, week, or day just by using your imagination and your cat’s preferences! If you’re wanting to spoil your cat this year, we’ve got the products you need to do it proper. Take a look at these 5 different ways you can create a playland for your cat, courtesy of The Refined Feline.

#1: New Toys

There are so many cat toys catered to different types of play that getting new toys is the easiest way to spoil your cat! There are literally thousands of choices available for playful cats of any kind. Wand toys can help your cat feel like a hunter, as these toys offer fast movement, feathers and fake-fur toys. If you want a little extra for your cat, buying automated toys will certainly please your feline. They will turn off and on automatically, so as to not wear out your kitty or battery life, while still entertaining them for hours. These toys will do anything from bobble, spin, make noise, or skitter across the floor as if they were alive.

These toys are sure to be a hit as they interact much more than your typical toys, even the ones filled with catnip. You’ll be able to find exactly what your cat likes easily and quickly with the selection available today. Whether it’s feathers, mice, catnip, or a combination of that and more, there is a boundless amount of toys out there to spoil your cat with. 

#2: Wall Shelves For Your Cat & Home

Utilize your walls for added space to roam and play for your cat! To win over your cat’s heart, purchase one of these beautifully crafted Lotus Branch wall shelves from The Refined Feline. They are purrfect for any home or living space, whether it be a bedroom, laundry or family room. Your cat will appreciate the chance to jump and move around more, with bonus vertical space. You can stagger the shelves so your cat can keep jumping and going higher, or simply utilize one shelf in each room! Made of bent ply and wood, the Lotus shelves come in multiple color choices so you’re bound to match your home’s decor. Included is a Berber carpet lining or a faux fur white lining if you select the white shelf. The carpet pads are machine washable and removable so your cat’s shelf stays fresh, clean, and comfortable. 

#3: Improve Your Scooping Game

All cat owners know how picky cats can get with their litter boxes. If your cat needs an ultra-clean box nearly 24/7, don’t do all the heavy upkeep yourself. Upgrading your cat’s litter box to an automatic cleaning box is the most convenient way to keep your cat’s box clean. These boxes will tackle all the heavy cleaning and scooping for you! Different models will have varied settings catered to what your cat needs for ease of use. The litter boxes are set on timers to scoop throughout the day, or will scoop once it detects waste. The machine will even deposit the waste into a separate receptacle in the back, which you can empty when full. Whether you work all day long or can’t keep up maintaining your cat’s box, these automatic boxes are the way to go. They can easily handle all the scooping and refreshing while you can continue spoiling your cat. 

#4: The Fluffier, The Better For Cat Beds

An easy way to spoil your cat is to refresh their beds throughout the house. There are many different options and styles available to fit the needs of any cat. Your cat can sink into a super plush bed, or get cozy and secure in an enclosed bed. There are even orthopedic beds specifically designed to help your older cat stay comfortable with extra support on their hips and joints. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can buy an oversized dog bed for supreme comfort and luxury. Dog beds are even better when you have multiple cats at home as they can all snuggle up and won’t be jealous. The beds themselves are typically machine washable or come with covers that can easily be removed and washed.        

#5: Get More Cat Trees

Spoiling your cat with an ample supply of cat trees could be the key to extravagance. Cats crave vertical space and can use it to escape, sleep, play, or watch the outside world. If you have the available space, provide your cat with a few choices throughout the house. This will give your cat a couple of options with variable heights and different views.

The Refined Feline’s Lotus Cat Tower is a great way to supply your cat with vertical and resting space! The Lotus Cat Tower is made of durable and strong wood, and rests at nearly six feet tall. This cat tree is specifically designed with a wider base for added stability. The tower will stand firm no matter the angle or height your cats jump off of it. The Lotus Cat Tower can easily be shared by your cats at home as it has multiple perches and climbing spaces. With multiple scratching surfaces and Berber carpeting on the resting spots, it also includes a hidey hole at the bottom. Available in multiple color choices, you’ll know this cat tower will fit into any room of your home. You’ll hardly see your cat after purchasing this tower as it is the ultimate cat tree to spoil your cats with! 

Shower Your Cat With These Presents!

Whichever way you choose to spoil your cat, they will be excited and entertained by the new gadgets and products in the home. Just don’t be too upset if they spend more time with their new toys than you!