How to have fun with your dog?

Animals are just like children, and puppies need to play when they’re young to develop their intelligence, emotions, and learn. It promotes health and moped development. If you have a dog, don’t hesitate to play with him. You’ll have fun and your puppy will benefit. We show you how to have fun playing with your puppy.

You’ve taken a step. You’ve taken on the immense responsibility of looking after a puppy. ! !Our end!! Our end! Are you ready? Are you ready?

First, a newborn puppy’s needs are different from a puppy that is one month old or older. Here are some things to remember if you decide to adopt a puppy. Is the mother of the puppy present? This is the first issue we need to address, as puppies require constant care, especially in terms of feeding. If the mother does not take the puppy, then you must manage the nursing process.

The puppy should eat exclusively mother’s milk for at least three weeks. The puppies should be nursing from their mothers during their first period. If they are not, they should be fed colostrum (breastmilk or formula), which is rich with nutrients and defenses. Next, it is time to start giving your puppy puppy formula every three to four hours for the first three or four weeks. Remember that puppies’ digestive systems work less so don’t overfeed them. Encourage your puppy to urinate and move his bowels after every feeding.

You must also ensure your puppy gets enough sleep after every meal. He will start to explore the world around him from week three or four. You should be aware that the puppy can become hypothermic (because his body temperature is not controlled well) and dehydrated during his critical weeks. You should also feed your puppy regularly as he has poor blood sugar regulation. It is important to keep your puppy clean and healthy.

PLAY HIDE and SEEK with your dog

We don’t play enough. Our elders don’t allow us to play as much when we are young. In addition, new technologies have changed our lifestyles. We think playing is not for us as adults. When we’re puppies, our masters have little time for us and interrupt our play. Experts agree that the game is important for both human and animal physical, mental, and cognitive health. It doesn’t matter what age, but puppies can use the game to learn and strengthen their relationships with their owners.

It is easy to play with your dog. There are many games we can use as a human game that we can practice with our dog. Hide and seek is one of these games. You’ve probably seen a dog play hide and seek. You’re probably already too late. It’s really enjoyable, so we encourage you to give it a shot.

You will need patience at first to teach your puppy how to play the games. It is impossible to pretend that your puppy will follow the rules at all. Accept that your puppy is still a baby. Your puppy will learn quickly with patience, treats, and a few sessions.

It is more fun to play this game with at least two or three other people. One of you hides, and the other person is next to the dog and tells him to search for, find or locate the person. If the dog follows the commands correctly, he will be awarded a prize such as his favorite toy. This helps the puppy develop his senses of smell, hearing and concentration.