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Thomas Cook Group has two weeks to help elephants

Thank you to all the 106,144 who signed the World Animal Protection petition requesting that Thomas Cook Group sign our Elephant-friendly Tourism Pledge.

After four years of building relationships and trust with various tour operators, this petition is now. TUI Netherlands made the initial commitment, and all Dutch tour operators have now committed to cease selling elephant rides.

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This commitment has been made by 82 travel companies around the globe so far. We are excited to build a vibrant movement of people and businesses committed to protecting wild animals.

Many great wildlife crusaders have been met in the travel industry. Unfortunately, not at the headquarters of Thomas Cook Group. They ignored our calls and emails and continued to promote and sell cruel and abusive elephant rides, shows and other animal welfare products, while also claiming to care deeply about animal welfare. Thomas Cook Headquarters finally called us after we had launched the petition.

They must have noticed you because Thomas Cook Group released a statement within hours of our petition going live, stating that they had “stopped providing elephant excursions…sometime ago.”

We had ample evidence to prove that they were still doing it. They didn’t try to cover your eyes – many of you shared this information on Facebook and Twitter.

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On Tuesday, I met with Thomas Cook Group representatives and asked them to clarify their position to me as well as to you all. It can be difficult to have a conversation with someone who claims he doesn’t know how many elephant rides or shows they sell, but also says that they don’t sell them. Thomas Cook Group has committed to ending the sale and promotion of elephant rides and shows. They have also promised to take down all references to them from all their websites over the next two week.

Let’s wait and see if they succeed. It will be great news to the 3,000 elephants who are used in cruel wildlife entertainment.

Keep the pressure on

It has been amazing to witness your passion and support online for our movement. We are grateful to you for your help. You have been posting every day on Thomas Cook Group’s facebook page and holding them accountable on Twitter. To ensure they keep their promise, we need to continue this for the next two weeks.

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1) Copy the below message or create your own message and send it to Thomas Cook Headquarter’s facebook page

To make them happy, elephants are chained and beaten to entertain. You have two weeks to stop supporting elephant suffering. Stop selling cruel elephant experiences. Sign World Animal Protection’s Elephant friendly tourism pledge. #NotEntertainers: Elephants are wildlife

2) Copy the Tweet below or create your own tweet for Thomas Cook Headquarters on Twitter.

You have two weeks to stop the sale of elephant rides or shows @ThomasCookUK. Elephants are wild. They are not entertainers

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We are now a step closer to making the tourism industry more wildlife-friendly. There are many more steps, but it’s easier to take them along with us.


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