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Are You Searching For Animal Control In Barrie? Look No Further!

Are You Searching For Animal Control In Barrie? Look No Further!

One of the most essential concerns for those searching for wildlife control businesses in Barrie is whether their problems will be successfully addressed. At our business, we take this seriously and offer humane removal of wildlife with knowledge on preventing home entry by wild animals. With this service, we guarantee to prevent future invasions with assurance for at least ten years!

Which Animal Control Services Do We Offer?

Barrie is a large city situated surrounded by forests and fields where animals often roam. As such, residents of Barrie often contact us with inquiries about the types of removal and control services for animals we provide.

In most cases, we do not participate in the rescue of stray animals such as cats or dogs (this is left to organizations like Humane Society or SPCA). Instead, our focus is on eliminating and preventing entry for wildlife that has found its way into homes or attics. Common types of wildlife accepted into homes include:

  • Wild squirrels, bats & birds
  • Wild Raccoons
  • Mice, rodents and rats
  • wild Skunks
  • Wild Opossums

We also remove dead animals.

Check out our comprehensive list of wildlife removal and control services, perfect for Barrie homeowners who want to prevent damage to their home or attic. Here is the full list, along with a description of what services we provide:

What Can You Expect From Our Removal Services?

With our assurance, we promise to finish the task in a timely manner. Not only will we inspect your house for potential entry points (and repair any damages caused by other pest management firms in Barrie), but we’ll fix any damages, remove dead animals and wash and disinfect the affected area.

This is how it’s done

Inspection: we inspect the home’s exterior from top to bottom to identify obvious entrance points for wildlife and any other potential entry points. This inspection makes us aware of any vulnerable areas within the house which allows us to protect it, as well as point out areas in the attic or house where wildlife might be living. Upon completion of our services for controlling wildlife, we move onto the next stage in their management.

Extraction: we’ve identified how animals are getting into your home and identified their nest locations to safely push them out. It’s not uncommon to discover baby animals inside the house, and our procedure takes into account their desire to remain with their mother. Therefore, we have implemented the concept of a two-way entrance which enables animals to be returned to their mother once leaving but prevents them from reentering once secured.

Repairs and Sanitizations: After we have gained control over wild animals and removed them from their home, we assess the amount of damage they could have caused. We communicate this damage to homeowners and assist in repair work on affected areas. Furthermore, before or after this point we participate in sanitation tasks as wildlife often releases harmful bacteria and illnesses which could have a significant effect on residents’ health.

What If I Discover Wildlife Living In My Home? What Should I Do?

Bats, raccoons, mice and all wildlife can spread deadly diseases to people – including Rabies. If someone in your family gets bitten by one of these animals due to its animal-borne bite, there’s an 80% chance they will survive. Does that justify having to remove animals yourself? Nope.

If you live in Barrie or the surrounding region and suspect pets may be living within your house due to hearing them howling through walls or attic, or have seen them firsthand, don’t take any chances. Contact a qualified veterinarian now for all animal problems to be taken care of promptly.

Be aware that wildlife can do serious harm to your home if not properly controlled, the cost could run into the thousands. At a fraction of that price point, we’ll guarantee an effective removal process and leave you stress-free knowing your house is safeguarded for up to 10 years!


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