Do I give my dog a daily multivitamin?

Perhaps you are one of many people who takes daily vitamins to improve their health. Vitamin supplements can be beneficial for humans, but what about for dogs? Your four-legged friend will not be able to get all the vitamins and minerals they need from dog food. A daily dog multivitamin can provide your dog with the added nutrients they may not be getting from their food and can make them happier and healthier. Find out if vitamin supplements are right for your fur baby.


Multivitamins can be taken by both dogs and people. However, they don’t have to take the same multivitamins. A vitamin that is designed for humans can be dangerous for your dog’s well-being. Dogs can’t always handle the high levels of vitamins found in human supplements. Dogs can get very sick from too many vitamins in human supplements thats why a vitamin such as Balanced Breed is made with all-natural ingredients and has all the right nutrients packed in one chewable that will ensure a long and healthy life for your companion.


Although people and dogs should not share supplements, both need many of the same vitamins to live a happy and healthy existence. Modern dog food doesn’t contain all the essential nutrients that dogs require, just as human diets don’t. Vitamins play an important role in the well-being of your dog. Here are some benefits to a well-rounded supplement:

  • Daily essentials contain a wide range of vital minerals that promote healthy skin, nails, and coat for small- to large dogs.
  • Our daily multivitamins help to improve immune system health and boost natural energy.
  • Our premium combination, infused with enzymes, promotes muscle and bone growth
  • Natural antimicrobials can help pets maintain good dental health.
  • Increase circulation to reduce pain, soreness, and injury time while protecting against free radicals.


A multivitamin can provide nutrients your dog may not get through their normal diet. You can promote your pet’s overall health by giving him a multivitamin every day. Supplements may offer your dog a variety of benefits that include:

  • Encourage healthy growth in the nails and coat of your dog.
  • Stop bad breath bacteria.
  • Increase energy and vitality in older dogs
  • To help your dog stay healthy and longer, boost its immune system.
  • Plus!

In conclusion, giving your dog a multivitamin will not only improve his overall health, but he will be receiving the nutrients that his food may be lacking. It’s always recommended by veterinarian pharmacists that dogs take a daily vitamin that contains the proper nutrients. With many great reviews by dog parents, Balanced Breed’s all-in-one vitamin is a healthy all-natural choice that is packed with all the nutrients that will leave your dog feeling his best. Some of the many benefits of Balanced Breed include boosting your dog’s immune system, encouraging healthy hair and nail growth, increased energy, oral hygiene and joint health.